Marjorie Morrow

Marjorie Morrow lives and has worked as an artist in New York City since 1969 and divides her time between Manhattan and her Catskill mountain studio. In addition to special projects she creates, she shows regularly in Sullivan County. Her “Response and Reflection” was presented at the John Street Church in lower Manhattan on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and coincided with a special creative workshop at Drew University. A 3-minute video on which she collaborated can be viewed here. The project was made possible with the support of The Casement Fund. She is married to the musician Alan Freedman (

“Marjorie Morrow’s abstractions are like visual poems—within atmospheric grounds, gestural marks seem to tick off time, loop across the surface, spill off the canvas or ball up in tight, far-flung knots. The imagery has the ageless quality of raw emotion, left exposed and vulnerable. Even at their most somber—as with her 9/11 series—they are reminders of the capability of art to make time stand still and to speak what cannot be expressed by words.”
—Mary Sherman

Mary Sherman is an artist, who also teaches, writes criticism and curates. Her writings have appeared in ARTnews, ARTS Magazine, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Boston Globe and Art New England. She is also the founder and director of the international arts organization TransCultural Exchange.

Catalog available here.
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